Container Importing

We have the lowest container importing program in the industry, We smash the big corporations 20% to 50% prices per item!

We give you our factory pricing and shipping at no extra cost! Your upfront fee is all you pay!

20′ container approx cost $15k to 30k – our fee $2,500
40′ Container approx cost 35k to $65k- our fee $3,500
Pay as follows: 25% Deposit when placing your order. Pay the balance prior to your product leaving from China.

It takes anywhere from 1 to 3 months to import a container from China.

Our fee is a flat charge, you will be responsible for your shipping and Customs fees. The shipping cost is approximately 18k to 20k for a 40′ HQ container, the Customs / Broker charges are approximately 2k to 3k.

In the event the container can’t be shipped to you directly it’ll be off loaded and sent by trucking via a 53′ dry van. (This may cause extra shipping fees)

To receive factory cost pricing please submit your info below and a Repersenatives will contact you back in the next 48 hours.

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