Best of the Brands: Our Top Fireworks To Buy

Whether it is a wedding, a graduation ball, or some other special occasion, trends around venues often change from one year to the next. The upmarket hotel in town may well be the best place to go one year, with the haunted castle or golf club on the outskirts of town the best choice the next.

In recent years, countryside locations have seen a boom in popularity for parties of all types. These venues range from converted barns and farmhouses, to countryside venues and houses, or even simply hiring a field and organising a marquee and other features.

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Quirky Locations

As people forever seek to be unique and find different ways of doing things, the locations they choose as party venues become more and more unusual. Of course, things only remain unusual for a short while before they become hugely popular, which is why country estates, country clubs, and farm buildings have enjoyed such a boom in popularity recently.

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